Buondi gourmet espresso is an Intense experiences for every moment. It is the Perfect combinations of flavor and aroma of a unique coffee. We are now in London, UK.

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15 Leigham uk LTD SW16 2JH United Kingdom SW16 2JH

fone: ver fone02088358548

website: http://www.buondi.co.uk

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The BUONDI coffee brand was created by Montarroio Coffee Company in 1986 and was then bought by Nestlé in 1993. From then on this passionate and bold coffee brand has been roasted and packed at the Nestlé factory in S. Mamede Infesta, Porto, Portugal.
In the United Kingdom BUONDI Caffe is distributed solely by Best Gourmet UK Ltd since 2012.
Now BUONDI is synonymous with quality and style around the world – it is simply the best espresso coffee. Its brand personality attracts people with a like-minded attitude towards life: fun, intense, vibrant and social yet modern, relaxed, elegant and refined. Every cup of BUONDI is an exceptional experience that awakens the senses and stirs a passion within people.
BUONDI has its image strongly linked to the quality of its products and the places where it is sold. It is associated with places of good taste and careful service.
BUONDI has always used colour and design for its packaging to portray a sophisticated image. The sugar sachets are a strong communication vehicle that can be used to contact the consumer. The cups, that after all are the final consumer packaging, are an item that also differentiates BUONDI from the other brands.

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